Group Mission: To be the leading provider of Financial Recovery Solutions that prevent, reduce, or recapture credit losses for our clients.

Our approach to business is simple – we unite complementary brands and companies into one family.


We are a fast-growing federation of AR Management companies with 40 years+ of rich experience in maximizing ‘The Return’ on our Customer’s Revenue Cycle Management Investment with Compliance and Technology enabled offerings.

The group companies operate out of various locations of North America and Canada with  offshore centers in Costa Rica, India and Chile with 1700+ employees and $160 million+ topline revenue.

Our strength: Proven industry-leading processes and technology tools including predictive & bankable analytics to equip healthcare financial institutions & professionals to maximize financial outcomes and manage patient receivables assets.


We are passionate about partnering with owners to support their vision. We believe in investing in private, entrepreneurial, industry-leading, growing and profitable companies.

We believe that autonomous leaders, brands, companies deliver better results than full brand, corporate, organization integration.

Why us?

We unite complementary brands and companies into one family

We are flexible, creative, fast, persistent, and non-bureaucratic

We work hard to meet the unique needs of sellers; both their personal and professional needs.

We are patient – a good deal is worth waiting for and we believe in building relationships

We don’t believe in “integration” but in “transition” with autonomy

Investment Criteria

Size Range

  • $4M USD-$150M USD Revenue
  • $100K+EBITDA

Acquisition Focus

  • Organic or Acquisition Growth
  • New Platforms
  • Transactions involving majority ownership in private companies or corporate divestitures

Target Areas

  • Standalone:  Collections, Debt Buying, Billing, Extended Business Office
  • Revenue Cycle management
  • AR analytics
  • AR Technology